10 Simple Smart Social Ways to Promote Your Content After Hitting ‘Publish’

That beautifully written piece of content published yesterday will not get up and promote itself. Against what’s propagated online, content marketing is highly recommended and should be practiced to promote your content after hitting publish; after all, you do want your content to reach its target audience and gain maximum exposure.

In addition to the effective SEO strategies employed for my clients, I do use these simple, but effective promotional channels to get their content out there for immediate traffic. Here’s how you can promote your content after hitting publish the simple, smart, and social way.

  1. Are you on Facebook? Start sharing

According to statistics, over one billion users are active on Facebook daily. Sure, you don’t have so many fans following your page, but just having your content ‘out there’ is enough to get it seen. Facebook’s algorithm makes that quite easy, might I add. In fact, you only need a few followers to ‘like’ and ‘share’ your blog post for it to go viral and get seen by people who aren’t even following your page. If your fans find it relevant, useful, humorous, or just ‘shareable’, they will interact and others will likely get wind of it.

To take things up a notch, boosting your posts or setting up Facebook Ads can bring that single article places.

  1. Tweet it

Though not as powerful and popular as Facebook, Twitter does have a following. This micro-blogging platform only allows it users to post a few characters – 140; short and spicy can be effective. Ensure to include the subject of your blog post or highlight how reading that article solves a problem. If it doesn’t offer value, don’t share it.

As Twitter does allow the addition of media, you can post an image with text overlay. With a text overlay, you can make up for what you’re not allowed to tweet.

  1. Share it with those in and out of your circle on Google+

Google+ is not what it was, but I have seen tremendous results when I managed a client’s Google+ accounts in the past. I’m not sure if Google is being a little biased, but seemingly, those Google+ posts actually show up in search results. Especially if an article receives much attention on Google+, you might find it on page 1 of Google’s SERP for a particular search term.

  1. Pin it on Pinterest

With over 150 monthly active users, Pinterest, the picture pinning search engine, is making its mark in the social space. By creating and sharing stunningly descriptive images on Pinterest, you might just reel in a ton of viewers (I’m just saying).

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  1. Stumble your posts on StumbleUpon

I absolutely love StumbleUpon. Not only is it a great research tool, but it brings in a great deal of traffic. Don’t worry about your website’s niche; StumbleUpon has a category for everything. If you haven’t created an account as yet, I’d suggest you do so quickly and start stumbling.

  1. Share an update on LinkedIn

Don’t you just love the new facelift LinkedIn received of late? The interface is clean, simple to maneuver, and interactive. Speaking of interactive, you can actually share updates from your blog with your connections.

Especially if your niche coincides with businesses related content, you’ll definitely get a few hits here and there.

  1. Get involved with Tumblr

My experience with Tumblr is actually a love-hate one. I dig the platform so much, but unless you’re willing to give a ton of value and love to your Tumblr account, the traffic from it will be sparse.

If you have enough time to post meaningful, humorous, and mainly well-illustrated graphics on Tumblr, it will mean a staggering difference in your blog traffic.

I admit; I have zero time to spend on Tumblr interacting and posting, but the benefits are immense if you’re a little witty and can dedicate some time to it. Share your content while you can and be interactive, that’s my advice to you.

  1. A great content curation & marketing platform to get social with – Scoop.it

Sure, Scoop.it is not necessarily a social tool, but I do believe a lot of business-oriented individuals with great insight hang out there. I first discovered Scoop.it while working with a client on ranking his pest control website through SEO. By the way, if you operate within the pest control industry, you should be on scoop.it.

I really cannot put my fingers on it, but I do love Scoop.it and find it quite interesting. Not only do I use the platform to route traffic to my client’s blog (I do use it for myself) but the links I acquire count. Keep acquiring links back to your website; they will eventually work out to your advantage.

  1. Mingle with Vingle

This is one of my least favorite platforms but it does work. Vingle is actually a highly social platform that allows you to meet and share what you love with a community. I personally think it’s a micro-blogging platform (in more ways than one similar to Tumblr with less popularity.)

Vingle members absolutely love a ‘juicy’ story, so if you’re into blogging about family affairs, dating and relationship, they’ll welcome you with arms wide open. Simply create an account and start adding content to it, of course, while linking back to your blog.

  1. Share your blog images on Instagram

This post is about being real so I’ll be honest with you: I’ve not had any success in terms of massive traffic spikes on Instagram. Sure, I interact with my followers and create the best possible images, but I guess my situation must be one of those cases where I just don’t have the time to play around with Instagram (Or maybe Instagram is just not for me?) I still share my stuff with the platform, but I don’t depend on it for my bread.

My experience is definitely not the best on Instagram, but I know people who actually make a killing out of it. If your niche is easily accepted, resonates well with your Instagram audience, and you have time to post regularly (by regularly I mean several times per day), go for it.

These 10 social media platforms are great avenues to check out for direct after-publishing traffic. If you want to build your business and rank your website, I recommend capitalizing on these free traffic sources. Get your new blog posts out there and promote your content after hitting ‘publish’.

On That Note…

Some social platforms will do more for you than others. If you find that you’re getting great hits from websites such as Pinterest and Facebook, it would be shrewd to spend most of your time there. You can even develop a strategy that’ll yield faster and greater results.

While you focus your efforts on those social platforms that do work, that does not mean you should forget about the others entirely.


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