10 Reasons to Hire a Social Media Manager for Your Social Media Presence

The inauguration of social media diversified digital marketing. This aspect of marketing is not only important but essential to creating a replete marketing strategy.

Is your marketing strategy devoid of social media?  You could be leaving money on the table for competitors to grab. Regardless of your business model and structure, you need a social media manager to establish a following on social media.

But, what if you do have existing social accounts? There are established business etiquettes you need to align your business with, as making mistakes on social media could sully your brand and reputation.

You don’t need just about anyone to manage your online social presence; you need to hire a social media manager, someone bred for that aspect of a business. Not convinced? Here are a few reasons why your business could use a social media operator.

Why You Should Hire a Social Media Manager

  1. Good posts require research

Social media managers aren’t fortuitous. Their strategy is deliberate, calculated, and planned. Each published post aligns with your mission and reverberates with your followers.

They’re cognizant of the industry and can provide interactive content types instead of the usual mundane content a common social media user would likely share.

  1. Time is a precious commodity, don’t waste it

Possessing sufficient time allows business owners to conduct transactions, get stuff done, and stay in business. Without the time factor, your world would crumble.

Marketing your business on social media takes an immense amount of precious time that you can’t afford to lose, especially when you need to strategize and focus on sales. Hiring a social media manager saves you time; quality time that is better off spent with the family.

  1. Visual aids incite people to action

Managing your own social media accounts can result in frustration. After all, you do not boast the requisite skillsets to successfully get the job done.

Visual aids are effective tools used to incite followers to action. You could opt to share videos and images of other businesses, but that’s neither innovative nor original. You need your own images, meticulously branded for your business and customized for your audience.

A social media manager possesses the know-how and can wield the power of image creation tools to create astoundingly beautiful graphics; those you can ecstatically call your own.

Images play a vital role in social media. Visually based posts can create twice as much engagement as text-based posts — if you know how to create and use them properly.

  1. Choosing the right platform for your business

There exists a plethora of social media platforms. All will not align with your business. It’s also true that it’s not sagacious to cast your eggs in one basket. Diversification then becomes necessary but to what extent?

When you hire a social media manager, they’ll be able to assess and determine how many social media platforms to set up and the ideal ones to use.

  1. Scheduling and posting is important, but so is interaction and engagement

People will pose business related questions through comments and private messaging. If you’re caught up with orthodox business activities, interacting with followers could fall through the cracks.

To supplement, you could lose business when you fail to respond to inquiries made through your social accounts. When you hire a social media manager, you’re employing their time and expertise to tackle tasks you’d otherwise miss.

A social media manager will also be able to represent your business in groups and bring you additional business.

  1. Advertising needs to be targeted

Social media advertising pays off when coordinated and managed by someone who knows what they’re doing. Diametrically opposed, when assumed by an ignoramus, you could lose money fast.

  1. Results need to be tracked and reported

Are you adept at analyzing the numbers? Each platform differs. Tracking and reporting results are essential as they’ll later dictate how to streamline your social media marketing efforts and convert more.

Tracking and reporting results could also point areas in which you’re doing poorly so that you can make improvements or change your strategy.

  1. Social media is 24/7

If you think you’re going to figure this stuff out on your own and keep it going while simultaneously managing your business, you’re dead wrong. Social media never stops. You may be able to keep up with it for a short while, but it is a fulltime job.

Ever wonder why so many people are following your competitors? It’s because they have someone who’s posting, engaging, and tracking around the clock.

  1. Social media wears 6” stilettos and makeup – that stuff is stressful

Have you ever been awestruck by the exquisiteness of a total stranger? For us women, we sit and stare when we see a damsel boasting 6” heels while we’re stuck in sketchers. You then examine their countenance only to find a well-made, flawless visage.

Beauty takes time, but you cannot bring yourself to the madness, especially when you have other pertinent things to do. I don’t know about you, but wearing 6” stilettos would be a nightmare and putting on that flawless makeup is stressful.

Where am I going with this? Social media management and marketing is that hot babe sporting 6” stilettos and perfect makeup. To make it look appealing, it needs time, dedication, and more time. Just trying to put everything together can be stressful.

  1. People do best what they love

A social media manager expects to be paid, but they’re doing what they do for love. People who love their job excel at it more than anyone else. They’re committed, results-oriented, innovative. They know how to make it work.

Think you need to hire a social media manager? Go ahead. However, when choosing a social media manager, be careful. Selecting the wrong person can warp your perspective of every social media manager. To supplement, consider what specific tasks you’d love to outsource to a social media manager.

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