5 Simple and Free Ways to Get Traffic to Your Blog

Traffic is the life force of any blog. Without traffic, your content would merely exist and your efforts to monetize would fail. Unless you’re a hobby blogger, earning from your blog is of focal concern. For that reason, the absence of traffic is bothersome. How can you get traffic to your blog to monetize and start earning? Here are a few things to start doing differently.

How to Get Traffic to Your Blog for Free

  1. Start writing better blog posts

Are you writing content for an audience or yourself? There’s a difference. Content of high quality will inevitably speak for itself. Once your articles are engaging, relevant, and helps to solve a problem, people will share it and link to you. That’s free referral traffic right there.

  1. Don’t just write, research

“I do extensive research prior to writing all my articles”, you might exclaim. Gathering information for your blog posts is a good practice, but that’s not the type of research I’m alluding to.

Do you perform keyword research to ensure you’re covering topics people want to read about and are searching for? Just to highlight an example: A client who recently requested my services had some beautiful low carb recipes on her website. However, because she didn’t do keyword research, she was leaving a lot of traffic on the table.

If you want to accurately represent a topic, do your due diligence and use a tool to conduct your keyword research. Ahrefs is my go-to tool, but you can settle for Jaaxy, which is less expensive.

  1. People live on social media platforms, why aren’t you there?

You must traverse where your audience treks. People practically live on social media these days. To supplement, you’ve being offered a free marketing platform; why not make the best use of it and get your content out there and get traffic to your blog?

Not sure what social platforms to join? Head on over to my blog post to discover at least 10 ways to promote your content on social media.

  1. Share your knowledge in your field of expertise

The Internet is great because it allows you to interact with others. People have questions, and they aren’t afraid to voice them on Internet platforms. Quora, is one such platform that allows people to ask questions.

Not only does Quora allows you to build authority in your field by providing well-thought out and relevant responses, but the platform does more; it allows you to link back to your website.

Quora is a great source of traffic so I suggest you commence building your audience there and route them to your blog.

  1. Join a community or liaison with other bloggers

This is not the easiest method to get traffic to your blog, but it is effective. However, you must get people and other bloggers to trust you. The aim is to interact (by sharing thoughtful comments) with other bloggers so that they’re motivated enough to interact with your content.

This process takes time, but when executed the right way, could get traffic to your blog. Opposed to what many marketers preach, blog commenting isn’t dead; you just need to do it the right way.

If you’re too busy or taken up with other aspects of your business, there’s help. As an Internet marketer, with a focus on SEO, and over 4 years in the business, I’d love to discuss how my services can help you get traffic to your blog. Simply use the contact page to get in touch.


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