What No One Told You About Becoming a Virtual Assistant

What No One Told You About Becoming a Virtual Assistant

The prospect of quitting your 9-5 to set up shop on your own seems prosperous at a distance, but have you really thought about it? Sure, your neighbour next door is earning 6K per month, and you’ve probably encountered those success stories that blew your hats off.

Yeah, I get it. The grass looks greener on the other side; but are they? I’m not browbeating what virtual assistants do. That’s my ‘bread and butter’ and to say otherwise would be hypocritical. Becoming a virtual assistant is easy, but luring people to your services is another cup of tea.

Prior to becoming a virtual assistant, I lacked guidance terribly. I had to fail several times, only to get back up, and keep grinding. Fortunately, you don’t have to do this alone. So, in this post, I’ll be underscoring a few things you should know before becoming a virtual assistant.

  1. Working from a virtual space takes discipline and self- control

Freedom comes with responsibility. Working as a virtual assistant includes proper time management and self-control. It’s best to always work with a schedule. Create one that suits your lifestyle and stick to it religiously.

  1. It’s a competitive industry and setting yourself apart from other Vas can be difficult

Why should a prospective client hire you against another VA offering the said services and perhaps more? It’s important to think about what makes your business or what you’re offering unique. What can you do that other Vas can’t? What value do you bring to the fore?

  1. Your family will probably tell you to get a job

Yup, this will probably hurt, but your relatives will tell you that you need to get a real job. They don’t understand what you do and are probably blind to where the world is headed. Yes, they’ll believe that you sit around your computer for an entire day wasting time. I remember when a relative told me that I should get another job. I was like, “no I don’t need one”. Be prepared to deal with skeptical relatives.

  1. Being a VA includes making investments

I always try to be as frugal as possible, but when it comes down to harnessing my skills and improving on what I know and can do, I’m willing to make sacrifices. No, I will definitely not sell my assets or maybe a kidney, but if feasible (once you have the means to) go ahead and invest in your business. Is there a particular tool that could automate things and make load light? Could you learn a new skill that clients badly need in their business? I say go for it!

  1. Some days you’ll be lazy

I said it! Sometimes you’ll be so lazy that even eating will seem like work. I’ve been there. Find something to motivate you! When I’m not up for doing anything, I sew or cough up a few social media graphics. I also tend to dig into something that I’ve probably postponed. If you’re not pressed for deadlines, get you derriere up and do something that will benefit you.

  1. Some clients are iron hard to deal with

Ugh! Not every client you meet will want to build a rapport or become your friend, and they’re not expected to. However, what you do expect is to be treated with respect and dignity. Some clients will definitely work hard at killing that and might even question the work you do. How will you deal with such clients? Prepare in advance. You might desperately need the funding, but negativity and belittlement can easily sap your energy and make your virtual assistant journey difficult.

  1. Finding paying clients is rough

As if getting clients isn’t hard enough, getting them to pay you point blank is another kettle of fish. Some clients will go as far as coming up with excuses as to why they cannot pay. Seriously??? I can see through late payments but no payment at all cannot operate a business. Always secure your money.

  1. And… some days you’ll feel like giving up

Living is tough! No one can convince me otherwise. Maybe you have personal issues dealing with, unexpected occurrences, health problems – you name it – some days you’ll feel like throwing in the cards. Don’t! I promise, things might be bad, but it can get good or better once you put the work in. Nothing in this world comes easily so work your posterior off, and as a friend usually say, “show up to blow up”.

Take care of you and work hard at becoming a virtual assistant.

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