Why I Decided to Take My Expertise Online and Become a Virtual Assistant

Become a Virtual Assistant

Freedom was always a fascination. I had the vehement desire to do what I wanted and whenever I wanted to. Taking my expertise from my typical 9-5 and becoming a virtual assistant was truly a sage decision, one that I’ve not regretted up to present. As a freedom-seeking gal, I wanted to do so much and didn’t want to tie myself down to an office chair counting hours.

A week before exchanging vows with my wonderful husband, Clarence, I decided that enough was enough. I mustered up the courage to tell my boss that I was leaving. She took it pretty well. No harm done. Freedom entails a lot, so I will be outlining a few reasons why I decided to do my own thing online and become a virtual assistant.

If you’re skeptical about taking the leap from your 9-5 to become a virtual assistant, hopefully, my experience will be able to provide some assurance and guidance. Maybe you’ll find the ‘valiance’ to make that step? Let me know in the comments.

On that note, here’s why I decided to take my expertise online and become a virtual assistant.

Why I Decided to Take My Expertise Online and Become a Virtual Assistant

  • Burn Out

My job was seriously affecting me. Sure, I loved my job as an SEO Content Writer, but having to get up on a daily and venture to that place was seriously bringing me to my knees. Misery, helplessness, and stress are just a few ‘polite’ words to describe how I felt emotionally. Before the sun reared its head, I was off to the office (which was approximately 45 minutes to an hour away) and only returned after it had set. I was truly suffering from adrenaline fatigue.

To supplement, I was about to get married. That meant assuming more responsibilities. I think you get the picture.

  • Unfavorable Working Environs

Don’t get me wrong, I’m immensely grateful, and I do attribute my learning adventure to my former place of employment. However, for a persona of my nature and character, that was not the ideal place for me. I wanted to surround myself with positive and morally outstanding people (my direct co-workers were AWESOME), but the majority of those working for the company lacked respect (and a lot of other stuff) terribly. I had to constantly dull my senses when I traveled on the company’s bus, use the restroom facilities, and even while having lunch. Sometimes I didn’t eat at all. To supplement, I couldn’t stand the injustices of the day. People were being paid peanuts to work and that affected me terribly.  

  • A Meagre Salary and Surmounting Expenses

I honestly was not complaining about my salary, as I was single and hanging out at home with dad. I could make ends meet with what I was earning (especially since I was also earning through my freelance hustle on the side).

After carefully considering and outlining the responsibilities I had to assume as a soon-to-be-married woman, I realized that I needed to be earning more. Transportation, lunch, and other expenses exhausted what I was already earning. To supplement, I was about to relocate to a new home and area. That meant covering longer mileage and other expenses. To cover those expenses, I needed a raise, but that was not in the making at all!

  • Flexibility

As I’ve made clear in the preceding paragraphs, this gal does not need to be tied up. I wanted to be able to get things done on my terms. As a soon-to-be wife at the time, making my marriage work was a priority. I was not about to allow killer hours, burnout, and stress to snatch my happiness. Leaving my 9-5 was the best decision for my family. It has afforded me several opportunities that I’d otherwise have to turn down if I was working that 9-5.  


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What’s Holding You Back?

Obviously, you found my website because you’re interested in working from home or become a virtual assistant. The ‘force is strong with you’ (A Star Wars allusion). My advice is to consider carefully if online work is definitely for you. It’s a serious decision, one that’ll eventually affect your family and those depending on you.


Consider carefully. Especially if you do have a mate, sit together and calculate the cost of starting up and how you’ll go about getting things done. It’s also shrewd to consider what services you’ll be offering online. Have a game plan. Don’t simply take the plunge because others have and succeeded.


Before leaving my 9-5, I was already freelancing on the side. I actually had time to develop my clientele and I knew how to get around.


Test out the waters before taking the leap. You’ll encounter a lot of fluff and success stories but don’t get caught up. Most of these ‘successful’ entrepreneurs wear a façade and aren’t quick to relate the horror stories behind working from home because they want to take your money. Don’t be fooled.


Research! Research! Research! That’s how you’re ever going to learn. Also, don’t coy away from asking questions. Find a virtual assistant community and get involved. In fact, why not join my virtual assistant group, theValiant Virtual Assistant on Facebook, and get all the support you need?

Become a Virtual Assistant

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