132 Simple and Technical Tasks to Outsource To a Virtual Assistant + Services Virtual Assistants Can Offer to Businesses Online

Tasks to Outsource To a Virtual Assistant 

Operating a business is a Herculean task. Things will get difficult, and often times you’ll question why you’re actually into this line of work. You’re not alone. Many entrepreneurs have experienced immense pressure and stress operating their business, especially during periods of expansion and growth.

Tired of being overwhelmed by having too much to do and too little time to hang with the family? You need a virtual assistant, no doubt about that! Hiring a virtual assistant, as it were, will make ‘load light’. Taking that leap is huge, but collaborating with the right person has its perks and rewards. Why not analyze your business and see what tasks you can outsource to a virtual assistant? If you’re not sure, I already did all the work for you. Here’s a list of simple and technical tasks to outsource to a virtual assistant.


  1. Moderating blog comments to remove spam
  2. Interacting and responding to blog comments
  3. Researching blog ideas and titles
  4. Posting and scheduling content
  5. Finding, creating, and adding images to blog posts
  6. Adding tags, headers, keywords, and Meta description to blog posts
  7. Locating statistics to include in blog posts
  8. Proofreading for spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, run-on lines, and sentence fragments
  9. Revamping and updating old blog posts
  10. Interlinking – Creating relationships or links between blog posts
  11. Keeping an editorial calendar or inventory of content published and scheduled on the blog
  12. Reaching out to influencers and webmasters for guest posting opportunities

Article Writing

  1. Research trending topics
  2. Brainstorming title ideasFeather writing
  3. Creating ad copy
  4. Copywriting
  5. Blog writing
  6. Web page content writing
  7. Descriptive writing
  8. e-Book writing
  9. Persuasive writing
  10. Technical writing
  11. Documentation
  12. Writing product descriptions
  1. Writing reviews of products

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Graphics & Illustrations

  1. Adding text overlays to images
  2. Creating e-Book covers
  3. Designing images for social media and blog posts
  4. Creating Infographics
  5. Creating memes and quotes
  1. Designing flyers
  2. Designing logos
  3. Creating brochures
  4. Creating portraits
  5. Creating digital arts and illustrations
  6. Designing planners, boards, and others
  7. Creating calendars
  8. Creating printables
  9. Converting images to vector images
  1. Editing photos
  2. Remove backgrounds from photographs and images
  3. Photography
  4. Changing the colours, shapes, and other objects of an image
  1. Creating diagrams, graphs, symbols, maps, drawings, and others

Social Media Management

Whether your business has a social profile on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Twitter etc, managing these platforms entail pretty much the same procedures. Tasks to outsource to a virtual assistant under this portfolio include but are not limited to:

   45. Setting up social media accounts and business pages.

  1. Creating content to post
  2. Curating content for social media posting
  3. Creating a social media strategy
  4. Executing social media audit to determine what can be improved or thrown out
  5. Managing and approving follower/friend requests as submitted
  1. Creating events and inviting followers to attend those events
  2. Moderating or policing groups
  3. Distributing or sending out personalized greetings to your fan/follower list
  4. Sharing content from your personal blog to your social profiles
  1. Locating relevant and copyright free images to use
  2. Creating graphics to use in your groups, business, and personal page
  3. Creating and enforcing theme days
  4. Scheduling content using an automated tool such as buffer
  5. Uploading videos to social media accounts, especially Facebook
  1. Creating polls, surveys, and questionnaires
  2. Collecting and resolving complaints
  3. Keeping abreast with brand mentions
  4. Updating profile information where necessary
  5. Providing important details concerning website downtime, maintenance, and others.
  6. Running promotions and contests
  7. Promoting your products or services
  8. Thanking new followers when they subscribe/follow your page
  9. Redesigning social profiles
  10. Tracking metrics, conversion, and click-through rates

Search Engine Optimization

    70. Keyword research

  1. Competitive analysis
  2. Content optimization / On-page SEO
  3. Link acquisition and back linking
  4. Guest posting and outreach
  1. Social bookmarking
  2. SEO audit
  3. Checking for broken links
  4. Checking for duplicate content
  5. Creating sitemaps for website
  1. Submitting sitemaps
  2. Creating Analytics and Webmaster accounts
  3. Creating an SEO strategy
  4. Setting up web 2.0 or satellite websites
  1. Creating content marketing strategies to make the best use of existing content
  2. Setting up local listings and citations
  1. Looking out for individuals trying to negatively influence your website’s ranking – Google Webmaster is good at locating these discrepancies
  2. Creating 301 redirects
  1. Submitting content to web directories
  2. Submitting content to article directories

Email Marketing

  1. Selecting email marketing service that suits your business needs and structure
  2. Setting up account with email marketing vendor
  3. Designing email newsletters
  4. Creating copy for email newsletters
  1. Sending out email newsletters
  2. Testing copies of the email newsletter
  1. Setting up trigger emails
  2. Database cleanup
  1. Reviewing email metrics, opt-ins, and subscribers
  2. Setting up email marketing campaigns
  3. Creating interesting headlines for newsletters.

Ads Specialist

  1. Creating and writing ad copy
  2. Designing ad units
  3. Creating ad campaigns
  4. Monitoring ad campaigns
  5. Discovering affiliate programs
  6. Signing up to affiliate programs
  7. Running Facebook ad campaigns
  8. Creating Facebook ad campaigns
  9. Running Adwords campaign
  10. Buying ad space on various niche websites
  11. Executing ads on LinkedIn to create awareness and promote your business


WordPress/Website Management

  1. Updating plug-ins and themes
  2. Ensuring domain and hosting registration is up-to-date
  3. Creating or updating content
  4. Project management – include SEO, content acquisition, and marketing
  5. Monitoring your website to ensure threats are thwarted
  6. Ensuring website performance
  7. Discovering broken links, videos, and content
  8. Managing communication on website
  9. Updating contact information on your website
  10. Resizing or cropping images
  11. Replacing and changing logos already created
  12. Installing and removing plug-ins
  13. Customizing website
  14. Adding blog posts, images, videos, and other content types

Public Relations

  1. Keeping track of online media placements
  2. Keeping abreast with product sample distributions
  3. Creating and sending pitches to bloggers and webmasters
  4. Discovering forums where influencers are most likely to frequent
  5. Creating press releases
  6. Hanging out in forums and social media spaces with the view to review and collect consumer feedbacks
  7. Distributing sample products



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